Monday, June 07, 2010

It rains in Gujarat

Was woken up five in the morning by the roomie. It was raining heavily. Thunder and all. Stood by the window looking out wondering if I should go down and do a rain dance. This was the first rain of the season.

 It is completely dark here till six in these parts of the country. The raindrops glittered in the streetlight. Pearls of joy. Suddenly I saw a Sagar the great Ipte running out in the rain - still sleepy and groggy and jumping around, splashing water. I ran downstairs. Into the rain. So we jumped together. Such fun. The red soil formed red-soil coloured puddles all around. The wind was cold and I was shivering. Came upstairs.

Took a warm bath. Made myself some Earl Grey from the pack Dibyo had given me. Sipped tea as I sat by the window looking at the pouring rain. Called the Poo who was only too happy to be woken up by such news of merriment. Thankfully I had, before my ritualistic rain dance, managed to click a picture that I will so graciously post for your viewing pleasure.

You will notice that it does look quite a bit like the rain in Calcutta, doesn't it? Now if that is not a coincidence, I don't know what is. The Obvious is but a perfectly good Coincidence taken for granted.

So there goes my monday morning blues. Out of the window. What better way to start a week?

Oh and I found this post from earlier on in life.