Thursday, June 26, 2008


Mad people are just plain sad people. In fact, we could do away with one of the words. Their madness is the only escape from their sadness. So much that they almost become it.

Just when everything is about to be perfect and beautiful, just when things seem so unrealistically right, just when every single block seems to fall in place, life becomes unbearable. Just in time.

To remind you. It's the same life you lived. What were you thinking little boy?

It's nice to be special. It would seem. Turns out, it's not, always. Special kids have predictably special needs. They are always loved a little more than others. Put on a pedestal exactly 73 feet high.

Sometimes, these kids, will just want to come down and play. It's difficult to tell from down here what they really want. So they'll just wail in the sky. People below will look up at them and smile. Nice kids. Nice kids. Always loved. Always there.

I could sit by a pond all my life. And look at the ripples that shine and dance on the street lights as they go by. The street lights, visibly stirred, just lie there. Like street lights should. The ripples shine as they go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Man on the Pink Moon

Why leave me hanging on a star
When you deem me so high?

And why leave me sailing in a sea
When you hear me so clear?

-Nick Drake.

(If you haven't heard him, do. Now. Before something happens to you and you die not listening to him ever and regret it for the rest of your death)

If Life were a Play I'd be the Classic Fool. Time after Time. I never seem to get tired of this character. Like I have a choice :)

Bless the Rain that pours. Bless the Wind that caresses. Bless the Night that lets you hide.

Friday, June 06, 2008


When my fingers sink into your soft being of rainbow colored dreams.
There are knowings suspended from nowhere.
Like dead babies with crinkled fingers in a formalin jar.
Like gloom.
The room in my head
That swells with dehiscent whims.
Waiting to burst open
Paint you a purple gooey blue
When you are not looking.