Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bull and Bear story: First instalment

At this very moment I have a feeling. A feeling that I've never had before. I wish I could scrap this blog off forever. And start afresh. A blog less gloomy. Today, suddenly, I look back and realize that I have had enough. I am happy the way things are. I know I am loved. By people ranging all the way from my good old maachh wallah to distant veteran gynecologists from Germany(YES!). Stop telling me that they don't love me enough. They do. They are kind enough to love me as much as they do for the very little I have loved them.

At every step of my life I have been overwhelmed by the love I have had from people I least expected it from. People I thought were inconsequential. And I have wondered. Why squander my feelings on a particular someone(who, incidentally, couldn't care less) instead of giving back to these people what they rightly deserve? There is after all no point in being selfless in love! It's a lot like charitable services. People take them for granted. People should be made to pay for what they get.

Because for us lesser souls, love is an investment. We expect a return. Or we wouldn't be hurt. There would be no jealous zeals otherwise. It's a market out there. And the bargain is on. People are quoting prices, ferrying dreams. It's about how adept you are at packaging and marketing your dreams. Gone are the days when products were brought out in accordance with the demand. Today's trader will create a synthetic demand for his products instead. And there are buyers too. But we will talk about them some other day. Let's end the post on a statutory note for all investors-

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thinking about You: Video

Album: Not Too Late
Not that I am hurt or something. Only that you promised. Not that you ever keep your words. Only that I never learn. Not that you love me and stuff. Only that I will never understand.

You will know how it is. One day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's not's me

I just can't keep going along
Making believe nothing's wrong
It's wrong and it's always gonna be
Nothing you did in any way
Nothing you said or didn't say
It's not you, baby it's me

So keep on being long and tall
Keep on talkin with the same ol' drawl
Keep on baby don't you trip and fall over me

The petals of the daisy drop
You love me then, you love me not
You love me not, it's plain to see
Who keeps the fire burning bright
The one who's losing sleep at night
It ain't you, baby it's me

So keep the rose you never brought
Keep that ring that you never bought
It's all my fault, it's all my fantasy

Oh, but I can't give you no more of myself
'Cuz I'm lookin out for somebody else
It ain't you, baby it's me

Oh, but I can't give you no more of myself
'Cuz I'm lookin' out for somebody else
It ain't you, baby it's me

The Little Willies

God I so love the lyrics and the way she sings it...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two love stories

He loved her. Chocolate brown. He had seen the love in her eyes. Sea blue. He had dreams in his eyes. Bottle green.

It was too much of good things. The Devil came. Put her into a maze. Thick Walls. Blinding dark.

She cried. But waited. She had hopes. Her saviour would come. She knew.

He had to save her. His friends, parents warned him. People called him a fool. But he knew what he wanted.

There were witches and dragons. Spirits and sorcerers. He fought them all. As he did, he approached the last Wall. She was inside.

A pair of fluttering hearts. Each with its hope on the other side of the Wall.

His hammer worked. In the darkness. Tireless. Patient. She waited.

Finally the hole in the Wall was big enough to see through. She looked through the hole. And a cry escaped her lips-

" YOU !"

He stopped in his work for a moment. And Went on. His hammer worked in the darkness. Tireless. Patient.


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Saturday, January 06, 2007


Life is simple. If only we would see that the Blue Horizon that beckons will never be. That there is no point in trying to make a difference to people who will never see.

We would be free!