Thursday, January 24, 2008

Twenty Tens. One unit.

When you go out to see the world
Remember me.
And all the things I wanted to see.
Think of all the afternoons
In the Sun that was.
Of Dreams I dreamed for you.

The Stony Way to the Castle of Edinborough.
The Wooden House in Kentucky.
The Sheep farmer's Limousine in the Land of the Upside Downers.
The Twig Armchair an afternoon in the golden Savannah.
The smoking sac of Boiled Potato in the hot springs at Hem Kund.

And when you're at your cuppa that foggy morning at Dharamshala
Think of me.
How they wouldn't let me have tea,
Because they thought I was too small for such luxuries.

Cherish all the things you have, I didn't.
And know that you were loved
All the Time. That was.
That will be.

Think of all the times I didn't know that I'd be you.
(Am glad how things turned out.)
Oh! And a Happy Birthday too!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inter View

The small booklet. Navy Blue cover with the Shining Fonts. Aptitude classes. Ironed formals. Codes. Where-do-you-see-yourself-five-years-from-now shit. Profiles. Packages. Trainings. Projects. Challenges.

Hey, Mister! When you ask me of my strengths, will you like it if I said I can walk really long distances, alone? In the Calcutta mist? Even when the roads are all empty and street dogs bark loud? That I can sit on broken stairs of old houses by the street and stare for hours together? Or that I can always find my way to all the shabby eateries that smell of wet cement, of so many things that I am never really sure of. Can I tell you about that tea shop we always go to? It's so much fun, you know!

Will I tell you that my only weakness is this city I have grown to love?

Friday, January 11, 2008

In other noos:

You must check this out! Must!

Egg on your face-blah!

The noos channels and dailies are flooded with noos of the much awaited Tata eklakhiya car. The car, I must say looks very impressive, specially if you consider the price it's being rolled out for. Being somebody who's always taken a keen interest in tech-talks and one who aspires to be a part of the tech world in a couple of years, I cannot but feel the excitement at the Tatas having done something that is worth every bit of the attention. Specifically because this lives up to the motto of technology, and science in general, of bringing the privileges of a handful to the millions.

But, I also see, and foresee, a muted, almost furtive propaganda by segments of the media and political/business honchos of making this success(strictly technological) look like a win over the activists who had been rallying against the land acquisitions in Singur. There will be attempts to make the protesting people look like asses with no foresight whatsoever and egg on their faces.

And here, I have a couple of points to make.
One. The Tata eklakhiya car project is absolutely brilliant. Hats off to their perseverance!
Two. The Singur land acquisitions were illegal and inhuman. The Marxist mask turned transparent as the ruthless, power-lusty reality shone through.

The Singur incident could have involved any other company. It's only incidental that the Tata eklakhiya car factory was to come up there. What happened in the name of land acquisition was a classic example of putting the cart before the horse, with absolutely no planning whatsoever on the part of the government. People were rendered homeless, jobless.

There must be a million papers on how integrally paddy cultivation is related to the life and society of the farmers in India. Making car factory labourers out of farmers cannot be made to look any better than it is. It's plain pathetic. I doubt there might be any Bengalis here who hasn't read Mohesh (Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay). The story basically talks about how Gofur is converted from a farmer to a human resource, a labourer to an industrial world. The implications of such a conversion are not only economic. And I am sure most people out there, taking decisions, know this a lot better than I do. And there in lies the grotesque tragedy.

Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Tatas! Or the car project. It would be stupid to look at the car as a victory against the evil forces of Bhoomiuchhed Rokkha Committee, or Mamata Banerjee, or the anti-SEZ activists. It means so much more than that, really.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Walking backs.
Red Indicators to Jazzy trombone.
Here. There. Pointingnowhere.
Misty fare.
The long way home.

Wish we'd left it where
I could think of you and smile.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Safe Mode

Ah. My computer is finally up and running. Got some really cool geek stuff inside the cabinet now. The year has just started out and the tramp will be kind enough not to bother you with details of the very very exciting(and much needed) hardware upgrade.

As the last year drew to a close, I realised how simplified my life has become. That is, if you don't count such grave complications such as my camera batteries running out every two days and had to be replaced by costly Duracells everytime. And since I cannot take less than 200 photos a day I underwent bouts of depression and hypertension.

It was only then that I realised that I was not going to carry this horror to the next year. So I went and got myself two pairs of good rechargeables and a charger. The year starts out with a computer upgrade. So, basically my life has no problem whatsoever. All I do is eat, take photos, write, sing songs, make music when I can and walk.

I feel kind of primitive saying all this. Very crude in a way. I almost feel gulity to be running in what Mr. Gates would call a Safe Mode With Networking. Huh! Like I care two boots!

Season's greetings to everyone. Walk on. :)
On that note here's a picture for you. And Calcutta.