Friday, January 15, 2010

Geek Google and Helvetica

And such are the after effects of Helvetica. Had to get it out of my system.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

One score Ten

A Happy New Year... begin with in case my computer conks off before I can write anymore. Yes we all say we hate them. But we all know you will read through the list I am about to make now. So here is a list of the things that I have loved about 2009:

1. The winters. January and December. All of it was spent eating, cooking and meeting people. (The cooking and the eating concern food, not the people I met). There were some amazing walks, with a loved one, yes. And although we walk all the time anyway, there is something about Calcutta winters that make them unforgettable. Oh and somehow, I always associate Calcutta winters with the song Autumn in New York. 'It's good to be living again.'

2. I loved working. I met some good people and I learned some important lessons. Plus, I made some money which is not too bad either.

3. The loved one started staying on her own. So there was this entire excitement and tension of finding an apartment (or an establishment, if you like). Then putting an entire household together. The almirah, the curtain, the fan, the spatula, the doormat... you get the drift. Although I have always credited myself to be pretty aware of the requirements of a household I was quite shocked at just how much effort it takes to actually make it happen. It was a huge learning experience. And totally worth it in the end.

4. I cook better! Yes. I have never actually cooked in such quantities so many different kinds of food for so many people in my life. Knowing how to do it is one thing. But the execution is something else. So I learned some of that too. If there is one thing I have really done this year, it is cooking. And big thank you goes out to Panu, Alton Brown and Gordon Ramsay.

5. I love how neat and organized the loved one is! It is incredible. I am extremely happy at how well she manages everything. Frankly I don't think I could ever do it this well. I am happiest however about the fact that she has learned to cook really well and eats healthy homemade food as much as she can.

6. I am very glad I quit my job. Not only because I did what I felt was right, but because I got a lot of time to myself which I spent doing what I like doing.

7. I am happy about Google Wave and about how well Chrome has turned out. With the extensions (like add ons in Firefox) in the current Beta, I can safely say that it is the best browser around. I love it. Muahs to Google. Oh and if you are planning to make your own website/blog at any point please consider joining
this campaign.

8. I read a lot more on web marketing, social media now and design and UI now. A lot more on food. I cannot imagine how I would read the number of websites/blogs I do without Google Reader. It is something I recommend to everyone.

9. I started reading books after a hiatus of about a half a year. I did read quite a few good books. I specially loved Sea of Poppies and
Empires of the Indus: The Story of a River. The last one I will recommend to anyone interested in history and anthropology in general.

10. I got a Grand Effing Piano in my house and one that is from the 19th century. It's lovely.

11. The best find of the year was How I Met Your Mother and more precisely Barney Stinson. It is one series that I can safely call my Bible. It's legen-wait for it-dary.

What I could have done without:

1. Perennial fights with parents.

2. The hypocrisy at office over the article I had written but was intentionally credited to the boss's brother.

3. A friend who wasn't a friend, after all.

What I am looking forward to in 2010:

1. The Google Phone named Nexus One which is Android based. I heard this rumour today that it could be release as early as January 5th. At least an announcement on the part of Google is expected.

2. The Chrome OS which is visionary. It is not something that will change the world now. But it will redefine the concept of an operating system and set goals for everyone else to follow.

3. Working in TCS. I hope that will happen by March, touch wood.

4. I want to stay on my own even if I am in Calcutta. I need to.

5. A computer that just works. I want one.

Well, that's all. A happy new year to you all. Oh and luckily my computer survived long enough to bring this to you!