Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Two love stories

He loved her. Chocolate brown. He had seen the love in her eyes. Sea blue. He had dreams in his eyes. Bottle green.

It was too much of good things. The Devil came. Put her into a maze. Thick Walls. Blinding dark.

She cried. But waited. She had hopes. Her saviour would come. She knew.

He had to save her. His friends, parents warned him. People called him a fool. But he knew what he wanted.

There were witches and dragons. Spirits and sorcerers. He fought them all. As he did, he approached the last Wall. She was inside.

A pair of fluttering hearts. Each with its hope on the other side of the Wall.

His hammer worked. In the darkness. Tireless. Patient. She waited.

Finally the hole in the Wall was big enough to see through. She looked through the hole. And a cry escaped her lips-

" YOU !"

He stopped in his work for a moment. And Went on. His hammer worked in the darkness. Tireless. Patient.


  1. I like the way it's wriiten. It could go both ways...
    By the way, to you, did he go on breaking the wall, or did he go on to leave?

  2. I will edit this. Its a bit ambiguous.

  3. it wouldn't have been had u used office 2003.....BUT AS TETUL APTLY PUT IT...........WE ARE ALL PRIMITIVE......

  4. @ Guitargeorge: Right.And to make things right,i am currently downloading 550MB of Office 2007.

  5. Don't edit it. The confusion is .. delightful!

  6. @Até : That is what I had in mind actually...

  7. Hey bhagwan. It's fine. Just tell me what it was to you na. So much fuss you must do.
    And I'll call you today, didn't have my net so didn't know that you wanted me to call.

  8. The last comment was by me..don't know how it became anonymous

  9. Anuj D bows down to Saptarshi:-)

    I have nothing more to say on this blog entry of yurs.

  10. let's see now.ambivalent.equivocal.brusque.visual.tickles the reader's imaginative faculty.almost elegiac.but follows the "stream of consciousness" element of the supernatural is also present.almost fatal.a mini epic of sorts...our protagonist traversing to fight for the good...he reminds us of a tragic hero almost!maybe loving her is his fatal flaw!

  11. he is definitely not colourblind!...or is he?