Friday, February 01, 2008

Love Actually

There are friends who will tell me I need to find a girl and fall in love (not necessarily in that order). There are still others who insist that my skills at doing absolutely useless things need to be put to good use. Such as the upkeep and well being of a lovely lady. People at a point of time almost convinced me that I keep myself occupied in all sorts of things to overcome the inconceivable emptiness that looms in my life. They had the solution, of course.

‘Get into a relationship! You will no longer need to do all the things you do.’

I do the few things I do because

a) I really love doing them.

b) It’s better than fooling around doing nothing.

Now it’s impossible to put it in a way less cornier, but I believe in what I do and I believe that I can make a difference.

I love a lot of people. A lot of things. And all that makes me the person I am. It’s just that I have never really found someone who would understand me somewhat. I hate to say this, but my standards too are pretty high. It’s convenient that way.

Some people have lame relationships. Okay, let’s put it this way: Some intelligent people I know go around with freaking stupid people. People I would not normally consider talking to. You would say they just have a very different way of looking at life. But I am a snob who thinks they are stupid people. They have this one common defense.

‘You know, he/she is very honest.’

As if honesty was an excuse enough to make up for their uselessness. And for crying out loud, if honesty and looks were the only deciding factor, I would marry a Labrador. Anyday.

Ah, that reminds me. I love animals too. All kinds.

I forgive them. I realize they are just keen in the general perpetuation of the human race. It’s nature’s invisible force at play. Poking me at all the right places.

This post is full of spite and sarcasms and things you would not find anywhere on my blog. But it’s just a word of caution to all the people who have been bugging me. I love being what I am. I cannot think like you do. I do not understand the way you look at life, love. If anyone who has known me thinks I have loved them any less than they deserved, I will remove this post and write out an apology.


  1. You know, I kept hearing that I needed to trust again, to get back on the horse again, etc etc. I never thought so. I don't think you need to either. I think if something is meant to happen it will, mostly because when it is meant to happen, when we are meant to trust, we are emotionally open to the idea. And that availibility isn't an ON/OFF switch that can be flipped at will.
    We all need to heal, and then grow in different directions. There's a time for everything, and honestly, people should not advertise the life they live as ideal for others as well. We each live our lives in our own (perfect) way as long as we remain true to what we want to do at the time.
    That's the only way to avoid regrets.
    I'm glad you have the strength of spirit not to bow own to what people think you should do because I believe you have a very strong moral compass and following that, you just cannot go wrong.

  2. ki attitood, dada! and all this just because you were forced to flirt with t at oly?

  3. you were forced to FLIRT????!!!! the indignity!!!! no, but really, you're the GOD, here. We don't really want to change the wierd ways of God, do we? most of just pretend He don't exist. so you, know... :-)

  4. ok now.....
    got 2 read dis just 2day.was way 2 busy...but good that i dint, earlier....
    dont know if all d ppl who have said anythng bout it rly know wat u're talking about.i guess i do.have bugged u enough probabaly if thats all u cud make out 4m it....
    u know wat saptarshi no matter how intelligent or snob or worthy of "priceless people around u" u are......
    sometimes it is just about the person and not his qualifications,neither his qualities nor his characteristics....that makes all d difference.
    if u dont feel like talking 2 a person it doesnt make him or her any less special...really.
    being in a relationship is considering d smiles of some people before ur own,
    and thts not very easy.
    and who knows that better than u.
    ...and all this was way from being personal.just want 2 tell u once again sumtims wat u think might be far from the last word.

  5. @ Meshal: *hug*

    @ Até: eh?

    @ Quietlittleshything: Bugger off!

    @ Eden Gardens: Yes, the indignity! Just imagine.

    @ Dia, Subhayu and others: Moments after I posted this writing I realized that there are very high chances of people taking it personally. I must clarify, this post is not written about any one person in particular. Neither do I question the need for love( or the lover). But who or what you perceive to be the lover or love(respectively) can be different.

    You may not agree with me, but any relationship, or a commitment is more of a social requirement than an individual's need. You do not need commitment to love or be loved back. If a commitment indeed is a prerequisite for love, I have my doubts about whether or not it should be called love at all. Yes, but you can still call it a relationship.

    What makes you get into a relationship may have something to do with love, but very soon you are slave to your habit. Your sense of self has been badly tangled with the other person. So much, that its difficult for you to think of a self without the other.

    There is something very soothing about predictability, security of dead habits that makes it really hard to overcome.

  6. Oh and one more thing: We cannot put someone else's happiness before us. That's impossible. We only do things that makes us happy. Or sad(for sadists). Or whichever way we want it to be. When i sacrifice something 'for someone else's happiness' it's because I feel good about it. Because the other person's happiness makes ME happy.

    It's absolutely wrong to believe that human beings can be selfless. No being is capable of selflessness. More so with humans because the sense of The Self is most pronounced in us.

  7. I too have thought about what you have written in the comments section. I think I agree with them, though I am not very sure (as one can hardly be sure of anything).

  8. i wish i could write allthis

    no the point i wantedto make here is this: i dig your blog man.

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  10. I run the risk of sounding frivolous, but Saptarshi, if you are discussing love and relationships (as you are in the comments section), then you must also discuss sex. Otherwise, the discussion remains incomplete.

  11. Ah! The pangs of having friends who mean well :P

  12. @ weevil girl: You do? Thank you! :D

    @ Bhooter Raja: That will require a whole post. May be. Someday.

    @ phemonoe: ya, right!

  13. .......You will no longer need to do all the things you do.’

    What are those things?