Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Complete Man

The Raymond advertisements have always been one of the classiest on the Indian advertising scene. I, for one, always found the music beautiful. For the ones who might be interested here is an interesting article on the story of The Complete Man.

The music, after some Googling I found out, is a western classical piece called Dreams (specifically Golden Dreams (Träumerei) Op.15 No. 7) by the German Romantic composer Robert Schumann. Try listening to the original piano composition.


  1. and the titan ad uses mozart's 25th symphony, 1st movement.

    i like that one as well.

    googled it. obviously didn't know this otherwise.

  2. etaa amar o khub favourite ad,...this and the cadbury one where the girl runs into the cricket ground and starts dancing...

  3. somebody has picked up the full piece? as oposed to the little bit that somebody had played to me on the phone??? :P
    but seriously, considering how long uv been goin on about the ad, we all have, im surprised it took u so long to post this....

  4. One of the classiest ads ever! I can't agree more.

  5. @ mojo: Yes the cadbury ad. Here is the link: