Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Personally 2008 was a year to remember. The most significant so far. Memorable for reasons Good, Bad and Unclassified. The year had begun with the tingling excitement of preparing for campus recruitments. The band was doing fairly good as well. A particular competition performance had been aired on a Bengali music channel. Big deal, you will say. Well, big deal it was for my old grandmother. 8th January, I recall. She had called me at the end of the show, oozing pride and excitement. She had been happy. Very happy. Good for her, for she died the next day. My Dinna.

Even when the formalities and rites were on and my parents left for my grandparents' place, I got through to a company in the campus recruitment. Big deal, you will say. Well, big deal it would have been for my old grandmother. Anyway.

The days grew longer into a summer. Found and lost love. Or so I thought. Not once. Twice.

The rain clouds rumbled and roared. The rains fell... Beginning of something so wonderful as would be impossible to put in words. Or may be I'm plain superstitious. Walks. Many. In the rain. In the sun. In the swamps. Shoes oozed mud and filth.

The rains went. Took with it the soot. Eased the strings. That pulled back. That told you not to let go. So we fell. Like the rains that started it all.


  1. "Kodachrome
    They give us those nice bright colors
    They give us the greens of summers
    Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, Oh yeah...."

  2. prem prem....seriously but, reduce the walking, i think you are overdoing it, paa khuley haatey choley ashbe bara...

  3. It is crime not to write... for ppl who post after soooooooo long!

  4. i have every faith that you'll keep walking. and notice every beautiful detail along the way.

    happy 2009, saptarshi. my love is with you.