Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Gmail? What else?

My office has banned the use of Gmail. We now need to use Thunderbird or equivalent to check office mails. The reasons they site are lame. Some of them being:

1) We do not want people to use personal mail in office.

Hello! Guess what the Alliance-Axis brawl is over and Hitler is all but dead! Ever heard of Google Apps? It is possible to use Gmail as your office mail interface for free! Equating Gmail and personal mail is pathetic.

2) Storing office information in the cloud is not safe. We trust our own servers better. It is in the room next to my cubicle. So it is safe.

Believing that a server is safe because you bought it and it is in the room next to you is as lame as my principal who used to believe keeping CDs out of their packets would get them virus. Just because the sever is right under your arse does not mean it is safe. It is connected to the internet and you really don't know more about internet security than Google does. All the bullshitting about how cloud computing can be dangerous and risky business... dude gimme a break. You, everyone of you, use Gmail everyday to store the most private of your information. There is no place on earth where your information is more safe than Google's servers. Even you know that. Aren't all our late night coochie-coos saved somewhere in Gmail's chat messages?

3) People will use Gchat. Even if you don't, others will. So we decided to ban it for everyone.

From the little I know about network administration, it is possible to block only Gchat without blocking Gmail. And when one or two people are flouting the rules you go talk to them about it. You don't stop everyone from doing it.

Gmail does not reduce productivity. The best and the most productive company in the world uses Gmail internally. Any guesses who? Google! So, why don't you just admit that even you are one of those red-tape tangled, gun toting software companies? Because that is exactly what you are starting to resemble, with every passing day.


  1. hahaha...... we can use gmail and facebook but not orkut!!

  2. jah! i hope you can convince them.

    31 July at 09:39

  3. Madcap Laughs HahahahahahahaSaturday, August 08, 2009 8:43:00 AM

    jah sala....

    31 July at 09:45

  4. amra sob access korte pari and when I say sob I mean sob...don't ask me how I know

    31 July at 10:02

  5. hot spot shield lagiye rakh

    31 July at 16:03

  6. aha bechara saptarshi. hit you where it hurts.

    31 July at 22:01

  7. Are you serious? Are you really serious about your company thinking a server that's physically present is safer? This beats *all* idiotic net security ideas I've ever bloody heard!

    01 August at 05:04

  8. :P ahare bechara.

    01 August at 15:16

  9. bolchi we had a firewall that blocked proxies and we still get thru hot spotdiye

    01 August at 16:56

  10. @ Daniel: Hmm.

    @ Dibyo: I did not manage to convince them. I use Gmail from my phone. They did make a kiosk for surfing though.

    @ Laddu: :|

    @ Chandreyee: :D really? No logs are maintained!

    @ Mayukh: Hmm. Nah. I know I can find find ways of using it. But I will just use my phone.

    @ Bimbo: Rub it in.

    @ Rimi: Hmm. The network guy beats pretty much beats every other nut I've met.

    @ Kaichu : Hmm.

    @ Panu: sigh

    @ Mayukh: Yes yes. Even used some. And there are several other ways. You can use Google Reader to read mails too. Aro onek achhe rasta.

    02 August at 12:11

  11. Logs are maintained but there are no restrictions.The motto is as long as you are productive you can choose to do whatever .There is full personal freedom atleast as far as the internet is concerned.
    But if you slack and if the company chooses to kick you out the logs will come back to bite your ass.

    03 August at 10:05

  12. i dont know you mate...but i read this...and it really sucks...the server theory is unbeliveable...maybe your company bosses are absolute nutcases...they need some major overhauling in your company mate...

    03 August at 13:16

  13. OMG Mono tui aussie hoye gechish ar maaite maaite korchish!!! ki marattok!!

    03 August at 13:42

  14. Mate ekhaneo loke bole Panu, ami-e boli. Ota colonial hand-me-down, patticularly Aussie na.

    03 August at 16:15

  15. Yes yes. Facebook is blocked too. But I don't believe FB is particularly productive when Gmail in fact is.
    Thurs at 22:03

  16. omg omg. have you done what i think you have done?