Friday, October 09, 2009

For you and I :)

There was this girl I loved. Now believe me when I say this, folks, the girl was all nice and fine but she had no time to see me at all. So when I fell in love with this another girl next time (and for good) she said to me, don't worry pal. I will always write songs for you. And true to her word, she did. Every one of them.

Even now when I have to say the most difficult of things I go back to her songs. And since the earth has gone around the sun once since we fell in love, old girl, she wrote a song for us. Man I love her. :)

Here's what she wrote:
You and me and,
Me and you,
In my little room,
There's room enough for us to do,
The things we like to do.

Oops, I hit my elbow on the doorknob,
Its right there,
It's by the bed next to my head,
But I don't even care.

There's stars up on the wall,
And they all glow in the dark,
And we can hear the children playing,
Outside in the park.

There's bars on the window,
And if there were a fire,
We'd burn up for sure,
But that's just fine by me 'cause,
We would be together ever more.

In this little room,
In the big city we're so far,
From the people that we knew in,
My big ol' blue car.

But if we stick together,
Then I know we'll be ok,
'cause when it gets too cold outside,
This room is where we'll stay.

In other news I quit my job (the folks back at office passed off my writing as theirs and I said well what do you know I'm off) and am on a break. It is so wonderful to be meeting people and having all the time to yourself. Loving it while I wait for my joining at the next company. Date not confirmed yet. But it won't be very long.

The Poo treated me to a wonderful buffet and red wine at Sigree (Flame and Grill). The fresh river crabs were awesome. Hug. Not for you. You know who.

Edit: Here is some wood for you to touch. I missed this out totally.

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