Sunday, July 18, 2010

Madras Mail

I have been living in Madras for the past two weeks now. The city reminds me of Calcutta in more ways than one. The colonial architecture. The narrow bus routes that run through bustling bazars. The humid sloth in the air. The prolific public transport system with plenty of buses, share-autos, trains, etc.

But I am yet to find a city as forgiving as my Calcutta. Madras sees you fall and laughs. Then when he sees you are hurt he will probably help you get up. Probably. He is ruthless and retort-ful. Yes. Madras is a man. A caring man at best.

The sea is never far from you in Madras. Which is a wonderful thing. I had never imagined I would live by the sea. Now that I do I cannot believe my luck. I have seen the sea on a bright sunny day. On a rainy evening. In pitch darkness. The sea soothes. It takes away all your troubles for a while. Then returns it to you just as you are about to leave. 'Excuse me sir. I think these would be your troubles. Sorry'.

Office has been generally good. I have a good project and a small team of five people. My office is the most forgiving of the things in Madras in fact. Don't believe what people say. TCS is a good company to work for.

Madras has fantastic food. What was all the rumour I heard of food cooked in coconut oil and curry leaves in everything they make? I have had everything from stir fried rabbit to chilly beef to brilliant chicken roasts! Madras is the first place where I find beef is almost as mainstream as chicken. I was walking along a stretch of Perangudi that day and it is lined with small fast food shops that had stuff like beef chowmein, beef fried rice, chilly beef sharing the same board as chicken fried rice, chowmein.

My hunt for a 1 or 2 BHK house continues. I had almost started living in a 2 BHK but I vacated it only yesterday when I realised that there were a couple of serious flaws that could not be ignored specially considering the amount of money I was paying for it. Finding accommodation in Madras is a pain, I tell you. And brokers are very dangerous creatures to handle. I am so tired of them. And of looking for houses. Please find me a nice house :(


  1. Nice about the sea and the food and the public transport. But shocked about the house. Shall call in a bit. Would have asked you to post pictures but it's too hassling for you now. Hope house hunt ends successfully soon and you get the leisure and peace of mind to post photos.

  2. Glad to know that you are liking Madras. Have never been
    there, but thanks to you certain misconceptions have been erased!

  3. Oye. I think my dad can help you out here. He has an office(in chennai/madras)and quite a few contacts in Madras. Give me a call (I kinda lost your number again. Bad friend, I know. *Sorry*:O) and I'll hook you up. :D

    Now over to the article...

    I love your writing btw. And, someday, teach me how to be invisible. I can observe but only after I've managed to dirty my hands from the Jam-jar.

    " Don't believe what people say. TCS is a good company to work for." - Paradox-Oxymoron-You know it! :P

    I want Beef! Madras style also. You wait. One of these days, you'll find me outside your house smiling with the same demand. :)

    The Third paragraph is special to me. I can relate with the memories I have of my college life in Haldia and the solitary relationship I shared with the Ganga by the Haldia banks. The sea, to me, is like a mother stroking the back of her child, back-and-forth, while he/she sleeps. Peace.

    I hope you are doing well otherwise. All the luck and love.

    Boo. P.

  4. Haan. I swear it has a lot of good food. You just have to look for it. Because frankly it is far more cosmopolitan in terms of food than Delhi or Bombay.

  5. I have not been taking too many pictures here. So when I will I shall post. :)