Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Tramp's Message to Humanity


People, here is my message to humanity, yes it's the one the world has been waiting for, so listen carefully -

'Stop buying bread. Toil and save up and buy an oven. Also sell that microwave oven while you can. Then go and make your own bread. It is easy (you need flour, water and yeast, that's all) and so heavenly you will never be able to wipe your arse with white bread again. Start with not eating bread until you make your own. You will never regret it.'

Now go forth and do as I say (and do).



  1. You are a man after my heart, Saptarshi. I have been trying to spread this message for long. No one listens. The ONLY thing that Microwave is good for is reheating things.

  2. My microwave just went kaput and I feel bereft. It is good only for reheating things but it is SO GOOD at that. Also, good at making quick and dirty rice in precisely 18 minutes at the end of a long, utterly exhausting day when you come home ravenous. The pressure cooker could also do it but it is a pain to clean, since I also have to do my own cleaning.

    I think the point is, convenience matters some time, even over quality. Though yes, I take your point about the home made bread. I've had it a couple of times (my friends here are wonderful cooks too :) ) and nothing, but NOTHING, beats that.

    Ami Madras e eshe home made bread khabo kintu akhon thekei bole dilam, aar please, please, home made cake.