Sunday, November 19, 2006

Paper Umbrellas...

A mushroom pizza.
French fries dipped in tomato sauce.
Silver poured in from the sky to the river.
It rained.The clouds rumbled.And the river went by.
The greens on the ghat swayed in the breeze.
As you like it.Five scoops of your choice.
And two paper umbrellas.A green one.And one pink.
Tiny.Delicate.That opened and closed like Real Umbrellas.
That would not save you when it rained.
Took them home.

How long could you keep a paper umbrella you loved?


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. wudnt know how long u can keep ur paper umbrella but by writing this,u have already eternized those quaint lil umbrellas,pink n green...
    u certainly have a wonderful way with words...n an uncanny capability to immortalize a second!

  3. i'm being very straightforward here..............if saptarshi decides to remove this comment i shall REPOST IT!!!!!

    1. Our dear friend is in ****.....

    2. He's not too sure with w***.....

    3. So he decides to go ahead and write ambigous posts instead....

    4. These ambigous posts in turn incite controversial comments.....

    5. I get a lot of sadistic pleasure out of the whole deal.....

  4. @ guitargeorge: What makes you think that I would remove such an interesting comment? Let the others read my post,your comment and decide if they agree with you...

    And I have never removed any comment ever...I dont.I can take criticism.And would love to see what others think bout your comment.

  5. Also would you please avoid using wild card entries in future?
    No one will sue you on blogspot for swearing.In fact I dont have a clue what "w****" implies...

    You derive sadistic pleasure out of what? Elucidate please.

  6. Well now that u put it that way dearest can i not comply.......

    **** stands for love
    w*** stands for whom

    and as far as the sadistic pleasure is concerned...........i am not involved in the whole deal in any way, i don't get affected by the outcome of the whole deal in any way, i am just an observer who derives pleasure.........sadistic, sadly, but pleasure none the less.......

  7. Keep those umbrellas eventhough they can't save you when it rained. Just as long as those tiny delicate umbrellas can make you smile, that's all that matters...


  8. evocative,
    reminded me of a day spent sitting in Scoop overlooking the ganges while it poured outside...
    has a tinge of nostalgia,
    like an adult lookin back on lost childhood...realising that those paper umbrellas could not save her but lounging in that memory nonetheless...


  9. I would specially thank Miss 'sen'sational for providing the reader(and the writer) with this gastronomic view of the post.

    lol :D

  10. Thank that for me or for Miss Sensational?...

  11. kind of a short burst of rain on the ganges, while I am seated on the ghats absorbing the beauty as I soak in the wet weather... That's what came to my mind at a first glance of yur poem.

    The Rain Drops bounving of my skin, while part of it getting absorbed by my wet clothes... more like an impulsive emotion touching parts of my body, while dancing on the fact of my silent observation.

    I, without an umbrella, dreaming of being a frog under that paper umbrella... but y a frog? Oh! Surely in the hopes of being kissed by the Princess.

    Reality Check: Hope killed the Frog;)

    Kind Regards,
    Anuj D.

  12. Love it as long as you want.Only use a raincoat.:)

  13. @ Phemonoe: Love getting wet in the rain.But then-
    "It never rains when you want it to..."

  14. You can keep it as long as you want. Even though you don't need to as you've already immortalised it.
    Even when you don't remember anymore and it doesn't 'rain'.
    Wrap it up, and keep them safely away and when day when you spring clean you'll find it again and it'll make you smile.
    As long as it makes you smile.