Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Root Mean Square Reality:Bring 'em on! :D

Time and again I have been accused of being judgmental. What I think is that no person can know if what he/she or anyone else thinks is absolutely right or wrong because it's impossible for any one to be unbiased when making such a decision. As soon as you try to use your sensibilities to determine whether something is right or wrong you are getting biased. Because the tool(your perception) itself is not neutral.

Let me draw an analogy. Let us consider a space(S) with a charged body. We need to know if the body(named say, Fact) is positively charged or negatively charged or neutral. For the electrostatically challenged, similar charges repel, while both a neutral and an oppositely charged body will be attracted towards a charged body. So the only foolproof way of knowing whether the body(Fact) is positively or negatively charged is to carry a test charge(either positive or negative, called Perception) into the space(S). Now:

1) If attraction occurs, the body(Fact) can be either oppositely charged or neutral compared to the test charge(Perception). So we cannot be sure.
2) If repulsion occurs, it(Fact) has to be similarly charged as the test charge.

But the moment the test charge(Perception) enters the space(S) it brings about a change in the electric field of the space(S). But there really is no way of determining qualitatively or quantitatively the nature and magnitude of the charge without bringing in the test charge(Perception), and hence manipulating the field.

So only a perception that is biased(charged) can tell if the Fact is true or not.

Having said that, I unequivocally state that truth is always relative. All the truths that we believe in are relative. We all have our relative reality. And our relative reality is formed by the way we perceive the things around us. Our perception, which is entirely a fruit of social conditioning, is biased. So the reality that we look at is self-made.

I believe in saying what I feel to be true. What i say is definitely not what is absolutely true...it just is my relative truth. But then why would you expect me to say something that is absolutely true? When absolute truth does not exist?

All living people have to be either judgmental or politically correct. Of course what being politically correct means is that instead of stating my relative reality I either stay away from saying anything or try to figure the Root Mean Square of all the individual relative realities( i.e. a convolution or a mean collective reality) and serve it on a platter. A platter so high on general Correlation Coefficient can hardly go wrong. It has the least chance of being contradicted.

So there. I rest my case.


  1. True, all of us are judgmental, but some are more.
    Your judgmental-ism cannot be quantified in absolute terms, but it certainly can be compared.
    Thats what people are doing when they call you 'judgmental'

  2. Being less judgmental would mean being more politically correct.I'd rather be judgmental and call a spade a spade.

  3. bad analogy..... tested my patience a lot....