Sunday, February 18, 2007


Yes I am ashamed. Ashamed of what I see around me. I have seen eyes scan the entire length and breadth of my dear ones-my mother, my mashi, my friend. X-Ray visions. That pierce deeper than just your clothes. I have seen men leaning just that extra bit to get a feel of the right places. Of my mother, my mashi, my friend. I have seen a father with a child on his lap in an auto place his hands on my mother's thigh. And have shuddered. I have wanted to smash every bone of them, everytime. Now, I am sure I haven't done my best. But then(I don't know if I am a coward trying to defend myself) can you really define a lewd look? Can you? Can you go up to every other person (yes, there really are very very few exceptions) and try to teach them a lesson? I don't really know. I am asking a question. To the guys (and the girls).

Meanwhile, THIS is what you should read. All of you.


  1. just stare at them right back in their eyes, i have done it. they decide to move on atleast most of the coward ones do

  2. Ahem. Firstly, "I have seen a father with a child on his lap in an auto place his hands on my mother's thigh"? You're comfortable saying you did nothing about it? And yes, you do sound like a coward trying to defend yourself.

    Secondly, no, THAT is not something all of us should read. It sounds extremely lame (to chick who wrote it: I'm sorry, it was- the header, for starters, was atrocious). And not only that, it sounded awfully repititve, egoistic, boastful and, well, codswallop. But that's okay I guess, goes with the display picture.

    Thirdly, .. No, actually, nevermind. Not here.

  3. @ Ate: I never said I did nothing about it.What I say is I don't think that I have done enough.As in I have more often than not failed to see what I could possibly do. Felt helpless basically. Like I said.

    Also,the 'chick' you are talking about is definitely not someone you can ignore(or i should say you should not ignore).You know nothing about her. But I guess it's ok for each one to have an opinion of one's own.

    But what I will request you is to write something on this issue.Just a request.A friendly request. :)

  4. irrelevant to the post, but which saptarshi exactly are you? the one i ran into at the jazzfest? am a little fuzzy about it...

    and i have a similar post up, if you'd like to read. am too lazy to link, but it's in the february archive itself.

  5. @ dry, sweet and very very stormy: Yes.I am the jazz fest one :D

    I have read your post on this issue.And was one of the reasons why I posted this at all.

  6. U link me in my real name.. do i know you ? i know ur shonai's friend.. but .. umm.. do i ?

  7. i dont know you as in i havnt seen you.But i was the one who chose the writings from your blog for the magazine(ExNihilo) and in the process was deeply impressed by your posts.Very nice.(I love

  8. kaancha kaancha bangali chaarte khisti maarte ichha kore jaanish toh......bara shala kutta chodar dol kothakar......

    yes i believe that the best way to deal with them would be to sink to their isn't enjoyable...but then nothing about this can ever be.......

  9. hey!! add me to xnihilo blog.. u need email still or my blogger ID ? (google took blogger so it doesnt matter.. both are same now.. )

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