Thursday, July 26, 2007

Egg Rolls

It's not there.
It only shimmers and glistens when you get close.
Only light gets through. You have to be fast. To be allowed.
Other things just stun themselves against it. Like flies.
Then they will make a buzzing noise and spin around in eccentric circles on the floor.
Flies. Eccentric flies.
You press your nose against it. And stand right there.
Pastries. Cookies. Rum-balls. Tarts. Mustard sauce on grilled toasts. Mayonnaise to go with it.
When you are hungry and tired you just run across the street and order an egg roll.
Egg Rolls. Extra sauce. For no extra money.
Even Eggs Roll.
A Rolling Egg gathers no Sauce.
Tell you what? It doesn't have an option.


  1. Erm, some of the sentence structures are incorrect and incomplete, but apart from that, it was a brave attempt.