Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If there is one thing that really depresses me, it's mediocrity. Mediocrity of the mind. Of thoughts. Of life. I teach a kid. I asked him one day:

- Tell me, R, what do you want to do when you grow up? What do you dream of?
- I will be a marine engineer.

Pat comes the reply. And before I could ask him anything, he says:

- How much does a marine engineer earn? Papa says a marine engineer can earn lacs of rupees in a month? Really? Is it the highest paid job? How much does he earn really? Five lacs? Ten lacs?...

- But what will you do when you become a marine engineer?

- I will earn a lot of money. I will eat in posh places and relax on the deck all day. I will go places...

I was sad. But I consoled my self saying, he is only a kid. And it's rather mean to judge him based on his words. I am amazed at how many of the people all around me want to be a lot of other things because they want something else that this job or profession will get them. People want to be software engineers not because they passionately love software making, but because they have an idea of the things that this profession brings along. People who want to be actors not because they like acting, but because they want to be rich and famous.

I must make one thing clear here. I have nothing against wanting to be rich or famous or anything at all. But the point is, you should know what you really want to be- an actor? Or famous? You might say, that a good actor will naturally be famous. I disagree. A true actor or a good actor is good because he is passionate about his acting. And not about being famous. One follows the other. But the order is not reversible. Prioritizing is important. And it reflects on your work and life.

Why can I not work solely because I love doing what I do...

There is a lot more I would have liked to say. But I realise that it's getting immensely corny. So I will stop writing here. But i still feel bad about it. I specially hate it when this mediocrity spills into love. I hate it. Anyway.


  1. I know what you mean.
    In a recent "online" conversation, I was asked why I wanted to become a journalist.I gave a fairly arbit answer, "In hope that I will someday get to cover a food festival.That way, I will also get free food.Nothing is better than free food you know."

    And what reply do I get?.

    "you are weird.People work for money.You will work for food?"

  2. oh, and thanks for blogrolling me..:D

  3. i want to be a lawyer to earn money. whats wrong in it? im passionate about money
    dont even think im being the devils advocate here(all puns intended)

  4. @ Ashi: Right. There's nothing wrong in that. If you know that money is what you are passionate about. I don't think that's wrong.

    @ Ate':Thank you :)

  5. @ Ashi: And besides, I know you are passionate about your profession. Remember that conversation we had in front of the restaurant last Christmas?

  6. hmmmmm....Copy pasted my thoughts..

  7. Money, they say, because they dont know what they want, my friend. And you dont expect answers like "i want to know the ultimate truth", do you? I believe this is a post modernization world, where you cannot claim to be the owner of a new say, new idea or new vision. And hence the use of the simplest and most powerful prop, MONEY. Dont ask them, what do you want to become, ask them, will you work your heart out if paid the best and you will not just be surprised to see the zeal but you will get something which we see only once a while these days, A pure, true smile!