Monday, September 03, 2007


I found my sky. It's all shades of grey. I feel my sky opening up to me. The encroachers moving away. Slowly. For good. Not a vibrant one, for sure. But it's mine still.

I want to be a bird in the rainclouds that rumble. Just before it rains. The sky full of silent expectations. A bird soars on the wings of such hopes. No flapping of wings. Just letting the updrifts take you where they want to. Just giving in to the moment. Accepting it. Loving it. And keeping it tucked away somewhere, to be cherished in times to come.

For now, just fly.


  1. ok, cant say much about ur writing which i already havnt sed. I love it. what i want to say is, i love the picture with this post. kobe tulli?

  2. if people get wings, sap, you'll be one of the first.

  3. @ dreamy: :)

    @ Shonai: Yesterday. At 1.30 in the afternoon.

    @ Dhruva: Really? What makes you think so?