Thursday, June 04, 2009

Catching up-1

It's been two weeks that I've started working. I love the company. The people. All very nice and affable. I am trying my hands at different things here. It is good, in general. However it leaves me with zero time for meeting friends and stuff. I need to get a new bank account and I have no time to do that either. Phew.

We were working on some new designs for Ex Nihilo. New sections too. Then suddenly the other day I found out that our site has been hacked by some Iraqi hackers. I don't know for what reason or end. They deleted our entire database, which basically means we lost all our comments. Feels horrible. But there's not much that can be done now. We ought to have been more careful.

Which means we will take some time before we can get this month's issue out. I am quite disappointed because we had some lovely work I personally was dying to share with everyone. Oh well.

On the personal front there are many reasons to rejoice. I meet up with Anuj on and off at lunch or in the evening and head for a Coffee or a Subway. There's always the hurry to return to the office. But it still feels better to have friends close by. (in fact in the next tower!) The poo got the job she was looking forward to yesterday. So we were very happy and ecstatic. I managed to get out of office a little early (6ish) and we met up at Pizza hut. We ordered somethings stuffed with cheese and were set the stop watch on to see if they really served the pizza in 17 minutes. 20 minutes later they served us a kadhai chicken stuffed crust instead of a paneer. We told him this is not what we had ordered. The man went back. But we were feeling bad for him, so called him back to say, it's fine. But he insisted on giving us what we had ordered.

While we were waiting he came back with a tray of ginger breads with cheese (free!) apologising for the delay. Ha ha! :) Finally we finished the pizza. I was too full to move. Ended it with a warm brownie and vanilla. It was great food. The Pizza Hut guys are really really wonderful.


  1. arre congratulations to her! what job, though?

  2. haha.... your blog posts have started sounding like some of mine.... general diary updates like....:P but u lucky pig! pizza hut!

  3. I am ordering Domino's ka stuffed crust pizza as we speak

  4. @ Bimbo: Journo.

    @ Shonai: I always did food posts. Didn't I?

    @ Panu: ha ha.