Friday, December 01, 2006

Love child

The kajal of your eyes seeps into me
Like the sepia of sadness
A Dark Bewitching sadness
That has come to be my Existence
Or at least a part of it.

Far ahead in the Roads of Time
When You are away
(As I know You will be)
It is this sadness that I'll miss
This creeping Melancholy
This lil' Gift of Yours

Of course I'll miss You
Only,You won't know.

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  1. Very corny and melodramatic.Irritatingly-hopelessly romantic.And yet again,ask me if I care...

  2. Somewhere over the rainbow,
    Way up High...
    There's a land that I heard of,
    Once in a lullaby.....

  3. @ saptarshi - I really like this poem. Not as much as some of the others but I do. Corny and Romantic don't bother me. However isn't it odd just to miss a person only for their 'creeping Melancholy'? Of course I understand a bit, since I'm so melancholic myself, it makes sense. But there's still a lot more, isn't there?
    @guitargeorge - How'd you even come up with that comment? It's perfect.

  4. Thats a song silly! A famous song.I'll send you.

  5. And here I thought your talents surpaseth my beliefs.

  6. I know guitargeorge's comment is a song. But it's so perfect.