Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tear Gas

When you sit down to a leisurely Sunday lunch with your family this cool sunny afternoon, remember...
...remember that many people will be fighting...against a police force that has guns, batons and tear gas...

Foolish is what I call them. Or who would have thought of using tear gas to make poor farmers cry?...when their lands are confiscated to the state...when they can see the bleak consequences...tears come easy...

Forget the stats. Forget the economic-gibberish. Just imagine. Imagine giving away your house for some car factory people will bulid. For whatever reason.

The very people who grew the food you eat this afternoon will be roofless. Foodless. Crying.


  1. chaliye jao comrade... singurer biplob joye hok...

  2. na seriously. u made ur point.i did feel. damn well written.

  3. @ shonai: That was aimed at Laddu..

  4. SHIT!
    i mean SHIT!
    i mean i FEEL like SHIT!
    for feeling as inadequate as i am feeling right now.
    is anyone squirming?

  5. guitargeorge's respons, cant put it in better words

  6. Somehow this didn't make me feel anything at all.

  7. I don't see what's sad about it. I'm sorry...your work just didn't make me feel anything.
    Read between the lines.

  8. Thats what i said.Sad that i could not make you feel.