Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Face to Face

Was looking for something in my desk when I stumbled upon my diary of 2003. Started flipping through the pages. And suddenly things that had long been nowhere were everywhere. And all the facades fell.

Tears swelled. I too had cheated him. Disregarded his reality. Made myself my own reality. A reality that is easier to use. Easier to live. Formulated theories to make the simple truth seem less apparent.

I swear I could not look him in the eye.


  1. i used to care but things have changed.......

  2. I think we all are/have been/will be there, when we look at our younger selves and wonder, and our eyes start to burn.

  3. As the French say, "Le temps détruit tout" ;)

  4. you locked him for a while.but he is always matter what.

    the trick is to remember that he is there.

  5. @ guitar george: You mean you don't care anymore? That's sad. Good for you but :)

    @ dhruva: Yes.

    @ the inquirer: :)

    @phemone: I will try. At least i will stop trying to forget that he is there.