Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Shonai Post! :D

Sometimes you can look back and think, what the Hell was I thinking when I did that? I was so completey wrong! I am happy to be back from it. Yes. I wasted my time and a lot more. But I am glad to have learned what I have, even at the cost of all that. It was a lesson well worth learning. Specially for someone as stupid as me. I guess some people just have to pay a higher price to get the same freaking thing others are getting for a song. Oh well. I am just glad to have been able to get it at all. 
I am a grateful man. Ain't I?
Today was sort of...weird. Did as many random things as I could have possibly done in a space of twenty four hours. Woke up at haf past six and went for my driving class. I was very very pissed as I stood there waiting for my trainer, who chose this very day(when I was bang on time!) to be late. It wasn't all that bad, though. I met this very nice girl at the driving school. Not like we got on like a house on fire or anything. Just that we spoke at intervals about most random things and if I spoke for myself, I thoroughly enjoyed her company! What a way to start a day.
Came home and tried to make some headway with my project designs. Had quite a bawal with my mother over buying the labrador. The father was on my side and acting funny. Which enraged the mother further. Finally I decided to skip lunch, much to my parent's dismay and anger. Went for tuition and was horribly hungry and thirsty. So on my way back got into this really old shabby shop in Gariahaat for a Mughlai Paratha and Mutton Kasha. BURP.

The auto stand had a teeming queue of enthusiastic puja shoppers. After a couple of minutes, I decided to walk home. I stay at Baghajatin. Now, walking is one of those things that really make me happy. So I had not even exhausted half my collection of songs when I found I had reached Jadavpore. The stretch from JU to Baghajatin is a pain in the arse. So I took an auto home. 

Strangely blissful. Not hungry. A lil' tired.

Go screw. You! Ha ha.


  1. occassionally, doing random things enlighten our lives with some extraordinaries. Just get away from the routine. Get random.


  2. "the shonai Post"?????? wtf????? what have i ever done to you?

  3. saptarshi,

    baybee, you're so fine that it's hard to believe you exist.

  4. we dont need you you imposter, we got the real thing!

  5. Ah, random and favourite kind of reading.
    But why shonai?