Thursday, October 04, 2007


Did I tell you I will not be meeting you again? Yes. I know it doesn't matter to you either. Well, it does matter to me. Which is why I won't.

Why am I writing this? Just.

I have nothing to prove. Nothing to say. I would not mind you returning a few of my stuff. And the most of it you did not even know you had. You will, may be. Someday. Or I am thinking you will.

What intrigues me is that I feel nothing. Nothing at all.

Like a spell undone. Like the beginning of time. Like the autumn sun on a torn cob web.


  1. does this mean what i think it means?? or will u stop keepin this blog??? if so, there were better ways of informing us u kno.

  2. Nothing about the blog. How can i stop blogging?