Friday, October 05, 2007


Poly Vinyl Chloride to carry drinking water.
Polytetrafluroethylene to stop that gravy from sticking to the pan.
Polyoxybenzylmethyleglycoanhydride to save you from the burn.
Epoxy polymers to keep that broken joint from falling apart.
Vulcanized non dust erasers. Scrape free erasing. No dust!
Silicone for that sexy plump of an arse.
Polyethelene packets to carry tamarind water.
Polymethyle methacrylate for your coloured lenses.
Polyurethanes for that good night's sleep.

I want to puke. And don't give me that plastic puke bag! Give me a patch of green to paint yellowish white. With people watching. Disgusted.

Can you smile? A real smile? Or just swear? When was the last time?


  1. deep. this. very. and pox on that plastic person. if it was one. and the plastic, "IM PERFECT" demeanor. if there was one.

  2. food. faces. facts.

    what isn't plastic nowadays?

  3. good man.

    so what if no one gave you the greens to paint yellow.put puke you did and not in plastic.