Thursday, January 24, 2008

Twenty Tens. One unit.

When you go out to see the world
Remember me.
And all the things I wanted to see.
Think of all the afternoons
In the Sun that was.
Of Dreams I dreamed for you.

The Stony Way to the Castle of Edinborough.
The Wooden House in Kentucky.
The Sheep farmer's Limousine in the Land of the Upside Downers.
The Twig Armchair an afternoon in the golden Savannah.
The smoking sac of Boiled Potato in the hot springs at Hem Kund.

And when you're at your cuppa that foggy morning at Dharamshala
Think of me.
How they wouldn't let me have tea,
Because they thought I was too small for such luxuries.

Cherish all the things you have, I didn't.
And know that you were loved
All the Time. That was.
That will be.

Think of all the times I didn't know that I'd be you.
(Am glad how things turned out.)
Oh! And a Happy Birthday too!



    i'm proceeding to wish you a happy birthday every space that you have get ready to get clogged.
    but why such a bitter poem, eh? its your BUDDAY!!!!...

    but really, its very pretty, this poem.

  2. BEST birthday poem to self i've ever seen!! bitter, shonai? it's just very clever and very musical.

    *gets jealous*

  3. The second stanza. Please elucidate.

  4. muah. happy birthday. i have said it before and i will say it again.