Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Inter View

The small booklet. Navy Blue cover with the Shining Fonts. Aptitude classes. Ironed formals. Codes. Where-do-you-see-yourself-five-years-from-now shit. Profiles. Packages. Trainings. Projects. Challenges.

Hey, Mister! When you ask me of my strengths, will you like it if I said I can walk really long distances, alone? In the Calcutta mist? Even when the roads are all empty and street dogs bark loud? That I can sit on broken stairs of old houses by the street and stare for hours together? Or that I can always find my way to all the shabby eateries that smell of wet cement, of so many things that I am never really sure of. Can I tell you about that tea shop we always go to? It's so much fun, you know!

Will I tell you that my only weakness is this city I have grown to love?


  1. Pricetags for certain things are so big, people tend to miss them.

  2. No, they will throw you out. Unfortunately, they will choose to find out if you are analytical (or not) - there is no middle path, it seems - depending on whether you can crack their pie charts.

    I find something very depressing in formal clothing, I can't just place what.


  3. youknow, i actually tried. once. maybe throwing a stone in the dark just to see if it strikes a dormant lostsoul hidden in somewhere there. it didn't. isn't it scary how inhuman they make themselves? scary, thatis, when you think about tenyears down the line you will be sitting in that chair taking interviews of kids whose eyes are still moist with dreams?

  4. can we really say what we love actually? its painful when I try to comment about my self.

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