Saturday, May 09, 2009

I pee you

I had jaundice. So, I went to a nursing home. Boy. It was painful. But it was fun. The doctor while making a channel for the saline-drip (putting the needle in my vein that is) confirmed what I always suspected- Whoa, you have thick skin, he said. Right.

I would look forward to visiting hours. People would bring cartons of juice and what not. Dibyo even got me chocolate, which I unfortunately could not have and had to pass on to a more deserving mortal. I was seriously overwhelmed by the number of people who visited me, called me, messaged me. The mashis and nurses were nice too. Stop imagining things. Nothing out of an American Daydreams episode. But, well. You can't have everything!

The room-mates were quite funky too. An old chap with prostrate problems was ecstatic about pee-ing. He would drink gallons of water and try to beat me in how much one can pee. First day he peed 750 ml in 2 hours flat. I had just started on saline and lost out by about 300 ml. That night I braced myself for some serious peeing. And next morning, volia! I peed 1100 ml straight. The man was slightly offended. He took revenge by asking to switch off the AC for that night. Huh!

Anyway. So now I am back in the less competitive confines of my home. I just realised this post is got to be the most random I've ever written.


  1. yes, this is very random indeed. and very nicely random. see now you're talking of peeing, soo you shall graduate to talking about shitting at the drop of a hat. Im proud of you. :P

  2. saptarshi! saptarshi!
    don't worry saptarshi.
    amra tomari saptarshi.


  3. Good god! I hope you're doing better now! Where were you incarcerated?