Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Home is where...

End of another week
A week of bonhomie
Of a million waving, polite-smiling
Gosh-you-are-bunking-too giggles
What-happened-to-my-tea shouts
Sorry-don't-have-a-single-buck-to-lend lies
Of the barely- there- yet-so-much-spare 'looks'

End of another week of trying-to-be-happy
Shit! I must be trying too hard
For I miss you already
The long spaces that squatter on our conversations
Those what's-there-to-be-said silences
The heard-so-many-times-yet-oh-so-loved stories
Memories that we shared
Seem to humble the freshly smashed dreams

As I sit alone on the college-terrace this friday afternoon
I want so much to run away-
Run to you
When I know I cannot

You still feel so much like Home...


  1. I just understand, at least I know what this feels like.
    Right now I'm getting really jealous. I wish I'd written stuff like this.

  2. Hey you're online..
    I just read this again. And God I love it.
    I wish I'd written it damn it.
    By the way, do you chat? I'd add you on my messenger lists then.