Monday, May 22, 2006

A New Lesson...

i learnt a new lesson yesterday.
but i wonder if i can afford the tution charges.
i am poor.
i will try to manage.
don't see how.
the police will put me to the gallows if i fail to pay.
i am afraid of the police.
i heard the tollygunge police OC is a pretty hard man.
i will try to escape.
no one will then ever find me.
of course i will miss my tutor.
i loved her.


  1. the tutor cannot but love her pupil...u should have learnt that from ur lessons...

  2. i dont know if u remember what i told u once...

    there are two kinds of things...the ones that i already know; and ones that i will never understand.

    so i am pretty blunt if u looked real close...

    u dont know, but me and my tutor had other plans...but i will never tell u.its between me and her...i dont know u...

  3. i reiterate

    "Kotoi rongo dekhi duniyaar o bhai re......"