Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here we go again-Genius loves company

For the n-th time in my life, I am frustrated. Yes. My face aches from smiling too much. And I am tired of acting non chalant.Tired of tellin myself that I don't care. Tired of trying to be this really cool guy, who does'nt give a shit for anything at all. Who loves music so much that he could actually manage to live without anything else. Who is so much into college movements and quota protests that he could get over any loss sooner than one would imagine.

Oh no. NOT AGAIN! I don't want to get into this viscious cycle of emotions again. I thought I had long grown up. I thought I had learned to live with it. Was'nt it a few months back that i decided to "Let IT Be" ?

I have a confession. I am a loser. I have lost. Not that I never tried(Because that may make one think that I might have won if i had tried) Trust me. I tried real hard and failed. Miserably.

PS: On a happier note, subhayu got me the entire eric clapton, lynyrd skynyrd collection and koel promised me The doors( She is a bit screwed up right now, unlike her cell, which is screwed up bigtime). Also i got a little high trying to stick egg craters at the "practice pad" at Subhayu's place using Dendrite(smells good man!) yesterday...tried playing the piano after a long time and got stuck. Mind buying me a piano some one?


  1. i ordered one 4 u...ages ago....ekhono deliver koreni?dats bad...i need 2 lodge a cmpln....