Sunday, October 29, 2006

of complan boys...

Cruise liners. Over paper boats.
And someone says you've grown up.
Sad. Sad that we all grow up.
To the rosier face of a Half Truth.


  1. but all my words come back to me,
    in shades of mediocrity......

  2. Growing...
    Ain't it strange?..
    That after changes upon changes
    We're more or less the same....

  3. Don't we wish that we're "forever young"?

  4. too many verses
    too many calls
    an unfinished line
    sought by all
    too many attempts doused by ink
    too many things to have too little to think... restrospect and prospect crossing each other, a riverine imagery to let the sail boats...flutter?
    no silly boy you dont do all that
    after all youve grown up

  5. I wish that I could have been that LITTLE ,NICE boy..................through out my life...........but unfortunately it will never happen.......Oh GOD.....why don't U allow us to be the same little child through out our life

  6. Damn I'm just jealous of guitargeorge's comments.
    @lucky eddy - not always.
    @ saptarshi - this reminds me of the movie "Finding Neverland". Could you explain the poem to me a lil more though?

  7. i will.Not here.That would take the universality you see?

  8. Fine..Send me a message on yahoo.