Saturday, October 14, 2006

Why does it always rain on me?

Dozed off at around twelve in the noon today. Was woken by the rumbling of the clouds. I kept my eyes shut. Tried recalling the rainy days, days ago. Thoughts treacled in like rainwater in a shabby tea stall on the roadside. And along came all the sights and smells. Thoughts that I used to think. But that was a long time back. Before I learnt the things I know now. That was before Gariahaat flyover was built. Before you heard of Mc Donalds setting up a shop in Calcutta. Before I knew that Irish coffee had whiskey in it. Or that people in North Korea are terribly poor...poorer than people in our country. As I said before, it was a long time back.

And I thought of the rainy days still to come. And I knew I was a dreaming. I opened my eyes, took a deep breath and decided to wake up.

Koel called in the afternoon. She's going back tomorrow. Felt bad. Away from the place she loves so much. No less than I do. Why do we all have to? I better shut up.


  1. irish coffee smells strange tastes good, metaphors speak dont they now?

  2. for what it's worth
    it was worth all the while...

    Time of Your Life.

  3. severely deja vu struck!!! And y do u have to shut up??