Monday, October 09, 2006

The tramp within

Went to the St. Paul' s Cathedral late in the afternoon yesterday. I have been visiting this place from as long as I can remember. As I entered the place (from the Nandan end) and walked a few steps to the open patch of land I stopped walking. It was almost dark. And right in front of me stood the great dark tree with the white bunches of flowers blooming like stars in the dark night sky. Watched it for a long time until it was really dark. It was quiet all around. Except for the continuous sound of jheenjhee poka(love this name somehow). The sight brought strange thoughts that had never occured before. It is these moments when I feel really at home with my inner self. Love this place.


  1. i love the place, have always seen it differently though, with company in the middle of a lot of people

  2. i luv da place as well......its such a relief frm da clatter outside......